I find myself here over thirty years later holding onto the thread of just one memory. I was on a dock somewhere on this island, and a massive, gargantuan beast of a marlin was lifted off of a boat for all of us mere mortals to fathom. Christ, these were big men, real men who fought this sworded demon to its tumultuous death. So yes, I returned to the memory, the myth and started chasing down every boat launch and pier… until I found her. Females are the big ones, and she was a “Grander” tipping in at 1,004 lbs. I was told two obese ladies from the Midwest landed her, took them about 4 and a half hours, plus or minus the crew’s help, which I imagine to be substantial. They drug the gargantuan female up onto the boats deck and took to her beauty with baseball bats until her soul was gone.