My photographic career, is owed to the people, the landscapes and the animals that I have knelt before. I am witness, I am empathy and I am compassion. I honor all of those with whom I have shared time with in this beautiful world. I am who and what I am because of you. One word exemplifies each and every breath that I take on this earth, and that word is gratitude. I have been blessed with many awards and accolades, Tiffany Crystal Eagles, Emmy nods and a Knighthood. At the heart of my journey is the evolution of soul, transcendence. I'm simply in pursuit of living an authentic life. One filled with the joy of love, music, photographs and the written word. The effortless search for the divine in all that we do.


Colin Finlay + Hearts Road is the musical manifestation of his broader multi-media vision. Colin's earliest beginnings started in a garage as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in a cover band. Original songs were soon introduced, when Joey Burns of Calexico joined the band, providing the additional key guitar and vocal element that the band needed. His twin passion, the camera, however took root, and Colin spent the next 30 years on the road on an unparalleled photographic tour of his own, reaching as far as Antarctica, the Arctic Circle and 95 incredible countries in-between.  

As fate would have it, a few years back, the bassist for the group found one of their last live performances in an old shoe box in the bottom of his closet. This re-introduction of one of their last live performances inspired Finlay to close the gap between his music and his imagery. He spent the next year, carefully building his studio with synths, guitars and effects, creating the musical journey, the intimate score that his heart has been playing in his mind for the last 30 years.   

Colin's music comes informed with the pulse of the millions of miles that he has travelled, creating a quixotic blend of natural sound and the ambient soundscapes that he has immersed himself in. He writes the score, plays every instrument, produces and engineers every song that you hear. It is the music of joy, it is the music of sorrow, it is the music of passion. His music is the culmination of all that he has seen, felt and experienced. Distilled down, that experience is then artfully woven into the songs that you hear.   

View the images, read his stories, listen to the music and join him at the beginning of Hearts Road...   

Colin Finlay + Hearts Road initial four song EP entitled Voyager, was released in winter of 2017. His next EP, Adrift is scheduled for January 2018, soon to be followed by Oceanus.