And as I walk down the blvd., I simply snatch broken pieces of conversation... 

Wake up blood bags, its time to consume

I don’t really want to go to Japan, but they have everything I want there 

It’s good because it’s slow but it’s fast 

She talks to angels, that’s not the point 

Baby I can break you down 

Movie star homes 

Free paternity test 

Stomach shots lets turn around 

I mean like, like, like, I’m creative 

Tell mom I want to be a sumo wrestler 

Stop walkin’ into people before I smack you 

God’s she’s fuckin’ hot 

Do a good deed today 

Everyone’s gettin’ somethin’ 

Just eat what you can 

The mushroom cycle 

I’m already sick of the playoffs 

Love Park 

I’m gonna submerge my double dip 

What’s your number on the Internet 

I’ve got a hole in my foot 

The sooner these things pop the better 

Half is half of half but it’s not a quarter 

Let me see that look on your face

Stick to the spicy milk in the cup 

I can eat all day what about it 

She’s an easy lover, awkward limbs 

I just stuffed my face with calories right now 

I dropped a pound in a week and a half on my meat diet 

Yeah lets go we’re burnin’ daylight 

I love a well-dressed woman who uses fuck every other word 

Make that tortilla bleed 

You know we shouldn’t have left the puppy in the car 

I’ve got lights for the man cruiser 

Tear the lettuce off and throw it on the ground 

I lost 7.15 inches in the last 6 months 

I can't get it out of you, your gonna need a doctor to do that 

I should be a doctor